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Dentee, the comprehensive platform for dentists. We provide a full spectrum of services essential for your dental practice, including the best dental practice management software, dentist education, dental commerce, and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to become your lifelong partner in success. Experience Dentee and unlock the full potential of your dental practice., Empowering Dentists with Comprehensive Solutions. The ultimate platform for dentists, providing a full spectrum of services essential for dental practice success. Our offerings include the best dental practice management software, comprehensive dentist education, dental commerce solutions, and knowledge sharing opportunities. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with dentists, supporting them throughout their professional journey.

Dentee delivers three main services through a convenient SaaS model: Manage, Buy, and Educate.

Dentee Manage

(the smart age dental practice management software) helps you edit/manage information related to your dental practice. This Practice management software lets you keep e-patient records, book online appointments, set e-reminders for the visits & maintain your dental calendar well in advance. Its custom built workflows and treatment plans bring extreme efficiency to your Dental Clinic and streamline patient-on-boarding / EMR Management.

Dentee Educate

It’s a great learning platform for dentists as well, which educate them with the latest trends in the field of Dentistry. Stay posted with various dental exhibitions, upcoming dental events & trade fairs across the world. You can also refer to dental courses of renowned speakers & dental academies. Find and enroll for the best dental certification courses online!

Dentee Buy

It is an largest E-commerce platform exclusive for dental industry. Get offers, Deals and discounts through the E-commerce model and get your material at your doorsteps

Dentee Discover

It helps you to create and manage a professional online profile and help yourself to reach to millions of patients searching for dentists