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ecgDental+ A Dental Management Software

Streamline your clinic operations with ecgDental+, a comprehensive and innovative clinic management ERP. From patient registration to follow-up, our software automates the entire workflow, saving you time and enhancing patient care. With intuitive features and seamless multitasking, we optimize your time spent with patients by minimizing documentation efforts. Discover the power of ecgDental+ and revolutionize your clinic management today.

Our Products

ecgDental+ is an comprehensive clinic management ERP for single or chain of clinic.It automates the complete workflow of patient treatments from registration to follow-up. The innovative, intuitive and multitasking features helps in improving the time spent with patients by reducing the time in documenting the visit.


User-Friendly Our software is designed to be easily operated, even by semi-literate operators. Its intuitive interface ensures smooth navigation and hassle-free usage.

Expert Development Team Developed by IIT graduates and highly qualified healthcare professionals, our software incorporates cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

Scalability Whether you have a small clinic or a chain of medical establishments, our software is scalable to meet your growing needs, ensuring seamless expansion.

Continuous Upgrades We are committed to providing continuous upgrades and updates to keep your software up-to-date with the latest advancements, ensuring you stay at the forefront of dental technology.

Integration Device Our software seamlessly integrates with various devices like webcams, scanners, intra-oral cameras, and waiting area TVs, enhancing your practice's capabilities and improving patient experience.


Electronic Patient Record keeping

  • Easy and simple record keeping
  • Quick and correct data retrival
  • Saves paper, time and effort

Graphical Appointment System

  • Easy to understand appointment schedule
  • Facilitates queue management
  • Calm and peaceful waiting room

Petty Cash Expenses

  • Efficient tracking of petty cash expenses
  • Optimization of expenses

Email and SMS capabilities

  • Reminders to patients through email/ SMS
  • High patient recall

Inventory Management

  • Simple to use management software
  • Allows hands-on monitoring of inventory
  • Prevents loss or mismanagement of resources

Electronic Prescription

  • Print prescription
  • SMS/Email Prescription