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ecgDental A Dental Management Software

ecgDental+ is an comprehensive clinic management ERP for single or chain of clinic.It automates the complete workflow of patient treatments from registration to follow-up. The innovative, intuitive and multitasking features helps in improving the time spent with patients by reducing the time in documenting the visit.

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Electronic Patient Records

Our EPR system helps you in storing all the key information of the patients such as personal details, contact information, medical conditions, medical disease, chief complaints, medical history, diagnosis, treatments and prescriptions in electronic format. After using our EPR system, you can very comfortably opt for making your clinic paperless.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Patient Communications & Relationship Management

Our strong patient relationship management helps you in continued communication with the patient during the period of treatments and post treatments as well. The patient can take appointments online and are notified about the status of the appointments by SMS/Email.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Apointments & Schedulers

Just A Few Clicks, appointments are scheduled with notification to patients and doctors by SMS & Email. Appointments are no more complications for doctor and clinical staff. With our appointments systems, you can all manage the cabin & chairs for the patient treatments. Our strong appointment and waiting area functionality help you in keeping track of a patient's waiting time & treatment time.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Electronic Prescription

Very easy to use electronic prescription. No need of writing the long prescription in every visit of patients. Just make the changes to the existing one and record new prescription.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Document Management

Don't let your clinic's space flooded with patient documents and important documents not available when in need. Using our system, store all the critical documents of patients in digital format and retrieve later whenever in need by just a single click. Our document management system integrated with scanner allows you to get you the patient documents scanned and uploaded to the server just by a single click.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Documents Generation

Generate all the necessary documents from the system like consent form, medical certificate and referral form etc.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Lab Management

Our integrated lab management system let your lab requests available for processing as soon as the lab request is made.

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No more hand written receipts to the patients. Generate a well-designed electronic receipts for your patients. Keep track of your complete accounts without spending so much time on it. Our audit trail helps you in finding the reasons in case of any discrepancies.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Petty Cash Expense Management

Do you have to spend time on analysis of petty cash expense done by your clinical staff? Are you able to keep track of fluctuations in monthly petty cash expenses? Our petty cash expense management system helps you in keeping efficient track of your petty cash expenses.

ecgplus Customized Application Development

Inventory Management System

Proper Inventory management is serious challenge in clinics. Our inventory management software help you in maintaining the supply chain from purchase order to usage. It alerts you when the stock for item goes beyond minimum level.

ecgplus Customized Application Development


Our system helps you analyze your business through an intelligent reporting system. The strong analytical reports make easy for you to analyze your service to improve the co-ordination of services and patient satisfaction.

Improved quality of care for patients

  • Alert System
  • Data legibility, accessibility, prescription, disease management decision support

Improving the time spent with patients

  • Reduce physician time documenting an office visit

Improved practice profitability

  • Saving in physical space
  • Reduction of clerical staff
  • Increase in number of patients
  • Reduction of administrative overhead in maintaining paper records
  • Increased physician productivity
  • Better patient care support duties
  • Reduction in usage of telephone or paper usage to perform routine functions like appointments, filing of paper records and authorization for restricted service.

Elimination of need for paper lab orders, paper physician referrals, paper medicine prescriptions and speed results back to referring physician Reducing the risk of medical errors.

  • Full summary in a view of past history, diagnosis, treatments.
  • Prescriptions errors caused by illegible handwriting.

Increased patient satisfaction, education and therapeutic compliance

  • Reduction in patient waiting time.
  • Online patient registration.
  • Patient education material.
  • Self educating videos.
  • Automatic reminder of forthcoming appointments, lab tests and preventive therapy.